Empowering teachers,
inspiring students


Interactive Learning Experiences

More engaging and deeper learning experiences

School Program

Lesson plans, activities, techniques, best practices and teacher training portal

Digital Education Dynamics

Thousands of delightful learning hours in and out of the classroom

Interactive Learning Experiences Inspire students with state of the art interactivity

High quality interactive learning plataform

Not just another tool. EvoBooks improves on core learning materials, directly enhancing learning outcomes. Only experiencing it can describe it.

Low connectivity? We've got your back

- Download each lesson for offline usage

- Sync your data when you have connection

Comprehensive baseline to implement digital learning in your school

Thousands of simulations in Math, Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History and Geography, for grades 6 - 12.

School Program Empower teachers to create great digital classroom dynamics

Teacher material

Lesson plans, activities, techniques, best practices and a teacher training portal. Empower teachers to use digital to improve learning outcomes.

Student material

Complement digital learning with in-class activities, homework and projects. Everyone is included, even if they don’t have a technological device at the moment.

Students' devices? Computer labs? Smartboards?

- Program books assure everyone always participates

- Techniques for teaching in each device setting

Strong pedagogical bases support the School Program

Guy Brousseau

Problem & Inquire based learning

Jerome Bruner

Instructional scaffolding

David Ausubel

Meaningful learning

John Dewey

Democracy and Education

Our Cases